So many designers

We are very excited that one of instructor Rex Spencer’s classes from the Art Institute of Houston will be using Independence Art Studios as a four-week long case study project. Each student will work up a complete package for our little bit of nirvana, from site plan to interior finishes. About 20 students toured the site today to get oriented, get sweaty, and listen to me ramble on about how and why we’re doing such a crazy thing. There will be a critique in a month and we’ll get to be part of the review group.

I meant to take photos, but got so caught up answering questions that I forgot to.

I remember how excited I was at the possibility of doing a “real” job when I was in school. It seemed so much more authentic and serious. It feels really good to get to be on the other side of that — to have the cool project that other people want to be a part of.

With everyone’s permission, I’ll post the highlights of their ideas when they’re ready.

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