Passed city structural inspection, now ready to finalize electrical work

Turns out Stephen didn’t need to stress about the city inspector as much as anticipated. He made a number of suggestions, but they were all to be completed before the finish inspection — he signed off on structural. Now we need to buy a few cases of gap filler and caulk. We’ll get the electricians out (hopefully this week) to finish their work.

new_gardenWe took a little break from construction this week to plant some more in our new garden. We’re following the Square Foot Gardening method and are having a fun time with it. We planted two tomato plants last Saturday, both about 5 inches tall. The next day, one of them was — no kidding — 10″ tall. It doubled in size in 24 hours. You could almost sit and watch it grow. It has calmed down a little since that early exponential growth (thank goodness.) You can see for yourself in the photo. The plant in the cage on the right was the same size as the thick, tall sage plant in the middle of the garden last weekend

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