New Artist: Chasity Porter

My artwork is a reflection of my personality and an extension of myself. I am a little bit weird and sometimes this shows more than I’d like. I am drawn by my own childhood nostalgia, which is why many of my pieces show evidence of childlike imagery and random doodling. A lot of what I do and what medium I use are dependent upon how I am feeling at the moment.  When it comes to art making, I tend to be very existentialistic; each piece is personal and unique. I allow myself to be free of responsibility and let the pieces come together almost effortlessly. I enjoy creating works that are amusing and force the viewer to think outside the box.

My work focuses on the experience of emotions and how the mundane affects everyday life. However, since I am also a designer, some of my works tend to be more about aesthetics than content. Very often I will construct an artwork around a shape or a color, and then decide how it makes me feel.

I am attracted to the visceral aspects of life, and what makes people and objects unique.

Chasity Porter