The YEESAW Carnival

YeeSaw Construction
Step right up, folks! Step right up! Welcome to the YEE-SAW Carnival! Featuring the sentinel of all seesaws, the behemoth of balance beams, the giant of jungle gymnasiums, the monster of monkey bars, the YEEEEEEEE SAW!

Standing at nearly 30 ft. tall with a 35 ft. wingspan, inner spinning merry-go-round seats (safety belted of course), springs, lights, monkey bars, dance platforms and ACTION! Fun for the kid in all of us. A menagerie of playground equipment that has outgrown the schoolyard and matured to cast glowing smiles on the child in all of us. Made out of wood, metal, and sweat this machine will launch you into the clouds of and bring you back down safely again and again.

The crew behind the YEESAW is having a fundraiser at Independence Art Studios over the weekend of July 18 – 20. Friday night will be an auspicious occasion filled with performances by aerialists, acrobats, fire wielders, live music, electronic dance music, and complimentary refreshments provided by Prego Houston, League of Extraordinary Brewers, and Real Ale. There will also be gourmet popcorn and peanuts. IF YOU WANT TO GO, you have to donate to their Indiegogo campaign and hope that you make it before the tickets sell out.

There will also be an opening party on Saturday night and a family day on Sunday. Keep an eye on for details.