Art Studios for Rent

Starting a small community of passionate visual artists with the first of what will be several buildings. Next up are living units to go with these work spaces, with rental priority given to existing renters.

◆    Four work studios available this fall for $485 per month, with all utilities included
◆    220 square feet each, plus 120 square feet in overhead storage lofts. Outdoor workspace is also available for larger projects.
◆    Designed and built to meet the special needs of visual artists with a 10′ tall, 19′ wide work wall.
◆    Good light from north-facing clerestory windows and built-in track lighting
◆    Individually-controlled air conditioning and heating
◆    New electrical service with plenty of outlets
◆    Wireless internet connection and website/blog hosting
◆    Renters should be dog, kid and chicken friendly
◆    Conveniently located at 419 Janisch Road 77018, in  near-northside “Itchy Acres”

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